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Started in 1958 from Kanpur, the Manchester of North India, we have travelled a great distance and now we distribute our padlocks all over India. In fact, our locks have travelled all over the world. We can proudly say that the locks we provide are the most durable steel lock you can ever get. Our robust design, extra premium built quality and overall feel of the padlock makes everyone speak only one thing –

“Rocket Tala lagaiye,

Chain ki neend Sojaiye”

Our Padlock Features

Solid Steel Hard Body

The whole body is made up of solid steel. The body shows no joints whatsoever. This feature makes Rocket Locks the strongest locks in the market.

Shrouded Shackles

The shackles are almost half an inch thick (14 mm and 11 mm) and contain 6 Shrouds. There is no other lock in the market that offers this level of security.

Less Neck Space

The space between the shackles and body is very limited. This prevents any kind of forced entry made either from a crowbar or any other iron bar.

Anti Drill Plates

This feature prevents the drill bit to make any penetration in the lock. The hard steel is even harder than the drill bit which gives us the upper hand.

Heavy and Solid Metal

The solid steel makes the lock heavy and sturdy. Over 60 years, the padlock has gone through many upgrades backed with months rather years of research.

5 years Guarantee

Probably the first ever, Rocket Locks come with 5 years guarantee. No its not our pride but our trust in the Lock that we offer.

Our Products


Our latest addition to the most durable Rocket locks family is the Regalia. Made from solid steel, the padlock is a beast in itself. Nickel Chrome Plating makes it rustproof that makes Rocket Regalia withstand extreme weather. The lock is rivetless with 3 key systems.

The shackle is solid steel with little to no room in the neck when locked. Rocket Regalia comes in two sizes, medium and large. Unlike other childish padlocks, the shackle in Regalia has 6 locking latches that take the security to another level.

REGALIA Long-Shackle

When it comes to padlocks, size does matter as it shows how solid is the steel. Long Shackle is one of the iconic designs in padlocks. It increases the versatility of the lock as well.

The elongated U-shaped design is ideal for long chains, huge handles and other areas that demand large shackle locks. The Long Shackle of Rocket Regalia is the ultimate lock best suited for these situations.


Rocket Platina is our upcoming product that will be launched with an upgraded lock and key mechanism. The whole body is of stainless steel with a chrome or matte finished look.

The rivetless design makes the Rocket locks even sturdier and flawless. The heaviness of the lock defines itself as to how strong is the padlock. Stainless Steel makes Rocket Platina both strong and long-lasting for decades.

The corrosion resistibility enables the padlock to withstand extreme weather conditions. Heavy Rainfall, big storms or even strong winds are unable to damage the Rocket Platina.

Happy Customers

"After putting in a lot of resources and time in the inspection and testing of multiple distinct padlocks for thier solidness and usability, we've confirmed that the best outside lock you can purchase right presently is the Rocket Regalia"

Akansha Shukla


"For the past 35 years, rocket lock has been protecting my belongings. And never once had I complained regarding the padlock. By far the best padlock ever existed"

Ramdhari Singh Chauhan

Lawyer ( Rajasthan)

"When you need to lock your prized trophies and possessions away from the world, the Rocket Locks are the only ones who can get the job done"

Kritika Singh


"The heaviest, most robust and durable lock I have ever seen. If you wanna sleep without worrying about anything, I strongly suggest you should buy Rocket Lock"

Dilbagh Aggarwal

Jeweller (Kolkata)

"My grandfather got Rocket Locks from the owner himself when he was in SBI Bikaner and Jaipur branch. It’s been 35 years, the lock is still working and protecting my belongings"

Rakesh Kaul

HAL Engineer (SRiNagar)

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