About US

We started with the only goal in mind and that is to provide the most durable locks one could ever buy.


Our Journey

After Industrialization, there was a rapid growth in the Padlock industries. Almost everyone in the world has used padlocks once in their lifetime. Sturdy build, solid steel and credibility of decades are what we look at in a Padlock. Hence, whenever we talk about the ultimate synonym of security, Rocket Lock is the first name that comes to mind.


Defining the meaning of security since 1958

The year was 1958, Industrialization was at its peak, and new businessmen had abundantly increased in the market. It was obvious that people were looking for some sort of protection to secure their belongings. Safes were available but were expensive which only big entrepreneurs could buy it.

This left small and middle scale entrepreneurs open at large. This introduces the need for padlocks that people can trust with their eyes closed.

Our Story

Mr Bodh Raj Anand with his son Mr Raghubir Lal Anand, owners of Shri Krishna Industries has launched a new brand of padlocks in 1958 by the name “Rocket Locks”. After closely monitoring the need for strong and durable padlocks in the Indian Market, in the post-independence era, in which people can rely upon.

They came up with a Padlock which provided unmatchable security at that time. With the ultimate padlock, Rocket Locks started gaining recognition within a month. People around Kanpur and nearby cities were started acknowledging the Locks as well. Within 6 months, Rocket Locks were seen hanging and protecting in every nook and corner of Kanpur.

It took Shri Krishna Industries no time to establish Rocket Locks nationwide. Rocket Locks started distributing their padlocks in every part of India. From Jammu to Tamil Nadu and from Gujrat to Tripura, everyone was using Rocket Locks. And as time passes by, Rocket Lock has now become a symbol of SECURITY in itself.

Today, taking the legacy forward, now the organisation is being taken care of by Mr Vijay Anand (BA-LLB with over 5 decades of experience) and Mr Akshay Anand (MBA with over 18 years of experience). Their new approach is taking Rocket Locks to even greater heights. With fantastic market analysis and quick decision-making skills, they upgrade their padlocks constantly. This gives them an upper hand over their competitors.

Rocket Locks are manufactured to provide the only thing that every person would want and that is ‘UNMATCHABLE SECURITY’.

Our Mission

The prime mission of launching Rocket Locks is to provide a sense of security to all patrons. With a minimalistic yet unique style. Rocket Locks deliver a solid steel built quality with unbreakable shackles.

Our Vision

We aim to improve our locks from the previous versions, which is why we are continuously upgrading and developing our padlocks to make them the most secure padlocks in the world.

Our Diligence

One of the reasons for the locks being the strongest is multiple inspections. Every lock has to go through several phases of inspections during production. And a few after production for quality purposes.

Rocket Locks are handmade locks made with their hard work and dilligence. From hard steel installation to nickel-chrome plating, all are done within our factory in Kanpur.

If you have ever owned a Rocket Lock, then you know what we are talking about. Not only do our locks rival all the competitors in sheer quality alone but also they are meant to age gracefully.